Getting to and from Bangkok Airport in the easiest way!

     Nowadays, it has more than one option for you to get or leave Bangkok Airport which is the beginning and last spot for all travelers. But if you want to travel nicely and cheap, bus service is another option of the excellent public transportation.

     To leave Bangkok Airport, A public bus called ‘Airport Limo Bus Express’ is at your service. This will give you more option and comfortable. It has a fixed time schedule to make sure you will be on time. The bus is ready to go at the gate or you can get on and get off the bus at these two stops: Lumpini Park and Khao-san Road. The bus fare is only one price 150 baht.

     You don’t have to take a risk with taxi anymore. Taking a bus from Bangkok Airport can be your best choice! It’s so easy to catch and you can manage your time and budget more efficiently. Let’s give it a try!